A car service that is affordable, comfortable and reliable are the top characteristics that any traveler looks for. With the arrival of Uber and Lyft, many people have started to prefer the car-share service for their travel needs—but is this shift a good one?

Travelling through a car rental service has many perks so if you are wondering whether to rent or ride for you next trip to the airport, here are some factors you may want to consider.

When you rent a car from a reliable transportation company, you get an accurate cost of your ride. The unpredictability and variable pricing of an Uber on the other hand makes it a shaky deal. With peak factors and unreliable drivers many a times, you may find yourself without a car when you need it the most.

Travelling to the airport is serious business; you can’t afford to be late. In such a scenario, booking a cab from a trusted rental service is your safest bet.

While many people love the ease of booking an Uber right from their phones, the same can’t be said about rental cabs where you usually have to go onto the website to book in advance. That’s not the case with us.

Our mobile app makes it easy to make and change reservations on-the-go. Staying connected to the service with full information about your car, including the chauffer is important and with our app, you’ll always be in full control of your trip.

New City
If you are flying in to Seattle, you shouldn’t have to deal with coming out of the airport only to wait for an Uber to arrive. A high-quality cab service like ours ensures you have a car waiting for you the minute you get out of the airport.

Limousines and town cars are subjected to strict regulations and licensing requirements in Seattle. This means there is a central governing body you can report to, in case of a sour experience.

However, Uber or Lyft face comparatively lesser restrictions and leave clients more vulnerable in the face of any unpleasant incidents.

Can you imagine not having a pre-booked car show up at your front gate to get you to Seatac and having to book a new ride at the last minute? That has unfortunately been the case with many people who have booked through Uber.

With minor requirements for Uber drivers, you cannot trust them for a safe and reliable service. According to a news report, “Uber’s function is to arrange for customers to be taken in private vehicles from point A to point B. Uber is not a car company, but a technology company. They do not own vehicles, but software. Thus, they operate in a gray area where they claim they should not be subject to the same regulations as traditional private transportation services.”

If you have flight to catch at Seatac, your safest bet is to hire from a company that guarantees professional and verified chauffeurs and a timely service.

Ready to Go? Contact Seatac Airport Can Today
Seatac Airport Cab is a premium car rental service in Seattle, delivering VIP luxury airport transportation. A high-class service is what you’ll get when you book a service with us – whether it is an airport transfer, baggage transport or hotel booking. We are a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs. Call us today to book a safe ride to or from Seatac.

June 9, 2018
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